Megan Boswell

"As a migraine sufferer I used to take tablets nearly every week and in some extreme cases had to take time off work because they were so debilitating.  Kelly offered me the opportunity to try Bowen and after only a few sessions I found that my headaches had completely disappeared.  I no longer use tablets and very rarely get headaches and truly believe that Bowen is the reason why.

I strongly recommend to anyone looking for an alternative to drug treatments to give Bowen a try. As someone who has been helped by Bowen and now prefers to use it instead of tablets, I can honestly say that Bowen has improved my personal health greatly".


Lindsay Ray Thompson

"Kelly treated me for tendonitis in both my shoulders.  After struggling with severe pain for several years, wasting hours with physiotherapists and chiropractors and taking endless pain killers, Bowen therapy was the only thing that had brought lasting relief.  Kelly literally changed my life!"


Emma Simpson

"Kelly is the shoulder pain miracle woman!"


Daniel Clark

"Bowen helped greatly with my back pain.  Excellent!"